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HTD® extraction from organic sapropel A unique combination of pure and bioavailable to the plant organic substances and compounds such as micro and macro nutrients, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins from natural, untouched by civilization, nature, which improves the yield properties of soils and activates plant growth processes.   To be used […]


Bioactivator– Universal Concentrated Organic Fertilizer – For a Healthier and Abundant Harvest! Concentrated gel of 100% natural organic origin is a source of bioactive organic matter, micro and macro nutrients, humic and fulvic acids for soil, produced from cattle manure compost using innovative HTDⓇ technology. Purpose: Suitable to use for berries, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, […]


Concentrate form, liquid trace organic fertilizer and soil conditioner, made on the basis of cattle manure compost, vermi- compost and leonardite humic acids on the basis of innovative HDC technology for fertilizing foliar and planting materials. Fertilizer “HUMIC LIFE” is intended for: planting (seeds and seedlings) material treatment; fertilizing plants foliar; use as a pre-mix […]


Packagink: 500-1000klg. 1l., 6l., 15L., Agrolinija-MK is an organic and clean compost derived from beet cattle manure. The compsting proces is based on highly advanced composting technology allowing fo a quick high quality and stimulant-free composting of cattle manure. The compost-turned manure undergoes technology-aided drying and processing. The end result is a compost with 15% […]