UAB Mobvita performs automated biohumus manufacturing. We buy cattle manure, organic  wastes  from local farmers and use it as „food“ for worms. Worms recycle wastes into high quality organic fertilizer–biohumus. Biohumus can be used in few ways-spread it directly on soil or mix as ingridient in manufacturing other fertilizing products.

Worms are placed in special metal trenches called „feeding trenches“.  Trenches itself are 35 meters long, 1,5 meters wide and has height of 60cm. Trench is fully automated-worms feeded and biohumus collected without huge effort. In 1 year  trench on average can provide 150 tons of biohumus.

UAB Mobvita can provides solutions to start own biohumus manufacturing  and help to instal worm feeding automated trench system.